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Credit Counseling




Every situation is different and our approach is simple, we begin with a comprehensive overview of your financial situation to determine which option will work for you.


Since its inception, KBS Service has partnered with Active Debt and has never charged upfront fees. We welcome the recent FTC ban on upfront fees. When structured correctly Debt Settlement is the best alternative to bankruptcy. With our no upfront fees program your funds will begin to accumulate from day one which means quicker settlements. In our commitment to be completely transparent our company website will be updated monthly to reflect our previous month's performance.




KBS Service has several programs available to help you with your financial situation. These include a non-profit consumer credit counseling program and a performance-based debt negotiation program. Staff is available to discuss your situation and your options so you can decide which option is best for you!

Our most popular solution is still our performance base Debt Negotiation Program! Simply put, specialists negotiate your debts for you. They skillfully negotiate your unsecured debt on your behalf, and essentially paying back a fraction of the debt. As expected with a success based program, it is in our best interest to negotiate the lowest possible settlement for you. 



Don't be fooled by companies who charge an up-front enrollment fee that take 6 months or more to pay. As of October 27, 2010 this type of settlement program is outlawed by the FTC’s new Sales Rule. This rule applies to attorneys in most cases as well if they are providing their service from out of state! Be wary that any company charging up front for debt negotiation services is violating federal law and likely a scam and be careful of “attorney based firms” who replace the word “up-front fees” with “retainer fee”….how is that any different? Debt settlement works when the client accumulates enough funds in order to settle the account. Any program that does not allow you to accumulate all of your funds from day one is not looking out for your best interest.

Our model has always been success based and we only charge 30% of what we actually save you. So it's obviously in our best interest to negotiate your debt for as little as possible. Many people end up falling out of debt negotiation programs because after 6 months of paying enrollment fees (or attorney retainer fees) that they have not accumulated any funds to negotiate their debt as all of these funds have gone to pay fees.

With KBS Service Debt Negotiation Program there are no up-front enrollment fees so you can begin accumulating funds to negotiate your debt right away. In most cases, we can start negotiation within your first three to four months.

Let's face it; enrolling into a debt negotiation program is not an easy decision and feeling safe is one of the most important deciding factors when choosing a program. For an additional level of security the funds that you will accumulate are held in an FDIC insured bank account in your name only. Free to cancel at any time with zero penalties.

KBS Service works hand in hand with Active Debt
with over fourteen years of credit counseling experience.


KBS Service
1181 Bedford Street  Whitman MA  02382

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