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Tax returns are prepared for individuals and companies. Filing prior year taxes and amendments can be completed; a review of the prior year tax return is advisable which is done free of charge.

This is the last year for many tax deductions that we all look forward to such as the Section 179 deduction for the businesses, tuition and related expenses, and the IRA contributions. 
Individual tax returns
All schedules
Corporate tax returns

    Since filing your taxes have you had to deal with?

            Has the IRS/State taken antagonistic collection actions against you? 
            We can help you stop the IRS from threatening and harassing you. 
            We can help you take care of your unfiled or late filed returns. 
Here at KBS Services we want to help you find the best solution to your tax problems.

We can help with the following situations and others;

    Innocent Spouse 
    Installment Agreements 
    Offer In Compromise 
    Payroll Taxes 
    Penalty Abatement 

Haven't filed last years taxes? Need to amend last years taxes? Want to file but do not have a social security number? Need to set up a payment plan?

You can feel confident that KBS Service will provide you with the experience you need and deserve.

Preparing for your appointment gather the following documents to discuss with your advisor.

    Last years tax return
    Valid photo ID
    All deductions

An organizer will be emailed to you so that you can be prepared for your appointment.

Tax Returns start at $85.00
KBS Service
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